Leadership Training 

Expanding the work of the Lord in South Africa.

 Leadership training emerged, and is continuing to  develop, to meet the requests and needs of those who had been taught about Christ, predominately through the World Bible School lessons. Over a period of several years this training has now developed into an informal, two year program, in the Sebokeng region.  Students are attracted from all denominational backgrounds. They are taught fundamental lessons about the church using a combination of Advanced World Bible School material and Leadership material developed by Bro. Roger Dickson plus material compiled by Bro. Patrick Kenee. The courses are designed to be very practical and hands on; requiring the students to participate in tent meetings and local campaigns.Since the beginning of this aspect of ministry in 2006 we now have in excess of 200 leaders in training representing over 100 different groups of people.  Due to the demands of leaders we now have Eight (8)  training centers  and have plans to launch another 2 by 2015. The results of this aspect of ministry is seen in the establishment of multiple gatherings (congregations) and the conversion of almost TWO souls every day of the year. (These numbers only represent what we can substantiate)Aside from a few Seminars conducted during the year by guest speakers, all the training is conducted by local evangelists who have participated in this Leadership development and have sought additional education through online opportunities.